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Charting out a career path can give you perspective on a whole lot of things. You will learn about the steps you need to take to be where you want to be in five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years from now. You need to assess your skills and qualifications. With a clear career path, you can initiate action to move ahead on that path. Without this direction, you’re likelier to go with the flow. That’s the bare minimum, basic situation, and you want to be better placed than that.

When you plan a career, you give yourself feedback on your current lifestyle and what you need to do to improve it. Your family responsibilities are another consideration. Retirement planning is yet another aspect of career progression.

If you’re in the job market searching for a job, consider the following things. This matters regardless of whether it’s a new job, you’re switching jobs, a fresh graduate, or an industry veteran.

Consider the following steps to a roadmap for career growth

Consider the job titles that matter

This is an interesting exercise to get started with the process. Look up job titles that interest you, and find out the progressions possible with those titles. Each of these titles is a potential career path. A few may converge a little ahead after promotions and lead to the same final destination. How many of these job titles require the same or similar qualifications? How many require unique skills? Do you have those skills? Is it worth investing time and money to learn new skills that’ll prepare you for some of the job titles? Answers to these questions will provide you with a platform for further inquiries to guide your actions.

What's the scope for earning?

This needs to be considered. Aptitude tests and your natural inclinations will inform you of the best career paths for you. Of these, some may pay more, and others will pay less. Its for you to decide where to invest your energies to find the happy mix between financial security and job satisfaction. Compare local, state, and national earning averages for the job titles you’ve shortlisted. Give thought to the earning potential with hourly wages. Find out about the vacancies available and job growth rates for the next decade.

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What'll it take to get started with the chosen career path?

The most obvious requirement is to have the necessary qualifications. This could be a diploma, degree, or certification course. The earlier you arm yourself with this information, the better it is. Get information on add-on courses that serve as career boosters. This knowledge can kickstart your journey in the right direction. Plan for ongoing skill upgrades and education to stay the path and not stagnate.

Location and lifestyle

These are important considerations. Depending on the career path you choose, you may have to move residence from a smaller town to a bigger city or maybe even vice versa. The cost of living varies with the city or town. The available lifestyle choices, too, will be different. Personal goals, tastes, and aspirations must be taken into account.


Putting time and effort into planning your career trajectory may seem like a daunting task. However, doing so will go a long way into giving you a great career growth and long term satisfaction. It is easy to think about skipping this step but you will thank yourself for taking the efforts later.

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