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When you have completed a course or a degree, the next step is to look for a job. Getting a job does not only depend upon your qualifications. To establish and progress in your career, you are required to be confident, skillful, communicative, and must fulfill the qualification criteria. Moreover, some states have different regulations for different jobs and career fields.

A resume is a document that generates an image of your personality on the employer, and your selection for the job interview depends upon your resume. The probability of acceptance or rejection of your resume depends on how professionally it's written. Sloppy mistakes and irrelevant details can reduce the chances of acceptance to your dream job.

Incoherent and Undefined Resume

The most important thing to keep in mind while writing a resume is to keep it precise and unique. The manager is not expecting a long list under the experiences heading to hire you. Be proud to mention if you have ever boosted the value of something or has cut costs; it is worth mentioning.

Job seekers who have less experience and have been switching careers or have taken gaps in professional years should go for a functional resume as it generates a better impression despite less work experience. Do not drag or lie; smart and choose the type of resume, which suits you the most.

No Summary or Long Summary

A resume with a headline consists of a beginning statement regarding your skills. Furthermore, the statement must be capable of grabbing the attention of the employer.

A mini resume and a resume with a profile are the types of resumes that summarize your skills, work experience, and achievements in a few sentences at the beginning or in bullet form. Avoid writing long paragraphs as an employer is not interested in every minute detail.

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Grammatically Incorrect or Typos

The most common error people make in their resume writing is grammatical errors, which can be spotted by the employer in the first glimpse. No matter how many times you proofread it yourself or get somebody else to do it for you, it might not be eradicated of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Thus, it is suggestable to utilize grammar checker apps and read thoroughly upon getting its hard copy.

Unnecessary and Unimportant Information

Do not exaggerate yourself; keeping it natural is the key as it will not take long to unveil the truth about your capabilities once you get a job. Do not forget learning is an ongoing process; you can never be perfect for performing a task. So just stay confident, and do not overdose on it.

A personal profile over flooded with clich├ęs makes it fake, and the employer will figure out that your ideas are not yours, so stay yourself.

Poor Formatting

Nothing can be worse than a resume with a poor format which is noticed as soon as the employer holds it. Poor formatting gives a bad first impression, as it gives a reflection that you do not give any concern to the details. Your resume is an image of you on paper so pour in your skills to make it near perfect.

Too Brief or a Too Lengthy Resume

The resume should be written in an easy word, concisely, and factually to review at a glance, as the employer does not have time to extract the vital information. Your resume should not be longer than one page, or otherwise, make the first page stand out to attract employer attention.

Irrelevant References

We have concluded that exaggeration in a resume is not the key to get your dream job. Keep it simple and sweet; no need to write down references till needed or required.

A smart approach is to include them in a separate sheet in case the manager asks for it later on. Do not forget to pay attention to every minor detail of the job description they might have asked there to include the references.

No or Lesser Use of Keywords

Not many would know this, but when the manager faces many difficulties in choosing the right person suited for the job, he goes for keyword searching tools to chose ones who have made the right choice of keywords in their resume. This helps them to remove unqualified appliers and narrow down the list.

The applicant tracking system would help to find te right candidate and scan the title and other things the software looks for. To have greater chances of occupying the position and let your resume rank higher, pay special attention to the job description and let the wording of it delve into your resume.

No Uniqueness

Remember that you are not the only one applying for the job; bring some uniqueness to your resume to standout among the candidates.

Picture yourself as a manager and then judge your resume; is it unique enough to beat other candidates? Does it have all those qualities as a manager you will look for? If you already have a prepared resume, take out some time to update it and highlight the experiences according to the job description.

No Cover Letter

Now you are one step behind getting your dream job; it is best to enlist your previous work experiences in your resume. But it would be more fruitful to highlight your achievements gained from that work. Also mention in what way your achievements would be beneficial for the new company.

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